January: Svetlana

Febrary: Tatiana

March: Tatiana

April: Elena

May: Maria

June: Julia

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Russian Women Stars


Dream of becoming famous all over the world? Looking for love and romance? Want friendship? Sure that you are beautiful and charming? Prove yourself! Show your beauty to the whole world!
All you need is to fill in the questionnaire, send your photos to us and your profile will be placed on our site. It's absolutely free! Any visitor can vote for a participant and help to choose "Girl of Week", and then "Girl of Month". There are some nominations in our "Russian Women Stars": "Miss Charm", "Miss Sexy" ...
Your reward is international fame! You will find new acquaintances, probably make brilliant, turbulent and successful career! You won't ever regret taking this opportunity! No risks, only inestimable advantages! Just register and reap the benefit of it!

Alina 'Kiska'3
Alsu 'Alsu'2
Diana 'Dita'4
Elena 'Elena'1
Elvira 'Nezabudka'2
Lena 'Lana'1
Marina 'Mery'2
Natalia 'KotenoK'2
Tatiana 'STN'1
Yulia 'Star'2
Alla 'Sara'1
Daria 'Lilith'2
Ekaterina 'Ekaterina'2
Elena 'Berry'2
Irina 'Penelopa'3
Marina 'Malysh'5
Natalia 'Diadora'2
Svetlana 'Lana'3
Yana 'Yasya'1

Alla 'Alise'5
Anna 'Scarletta'3
Ekaterina 'Katerina'5
Elena 'Dana'2
Irina 'Dream'5
Maria 'Niagara'5
Nastya 'Nastya'1
Tatiana 'Tatiana'5
Yulia 'Simpapunechka'2
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Jule: Nastya

August: Marina

September: Alina

October: Irina

November: Yana

December: Daria

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